Senior, Sam Yaffa, has taken books to a new level with his investment fund, Triton Funds. Instead of searching for job opportunities, Sam and his friends from UCSD Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi decided to create their own. With the help of alumni and academic mentors, Triton Funds was established. 


         Sam's goal is to keep providing high finance opportunities to students. He aspires to "redefine Wall Street" by gearing it towards millennials.


        His advice to current and future students is to utilize mentors, alumni, and the school. According to Sam, "This is your only time. Take advantage of your resources and time." He encourages students to share crazy ideas and to ask for help.

Our Students

Business Honors Association

       Frank Alecio is an Accounting Major in the Business Honors Program. As a Senior, Frank has started a sole proprietorship and is currently helping clients by providing bookkeeping, auditing, and consulting services. His previous bookkeeping experience and Business Honors classes have helped him get to where he is today.


      Frank's goal is to go into higher-level consulting. Additionally, he has accepted an offer to start full time at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Financial Services Core Auditing department. 

      He encourages students to make mistakes and to be confident. According to Frank, "There are people out there that need help and you can do that."