Membership Benefits

Why should I join?

Members gain access to a wide range of valuable opportunities. Aside from the organization's leadership opportunities, the organization hosts a multitude of events throughout the academic year that facilitate members' professional and social development. In addition, members are immersed within numerous networks, including the faculty, alumni and peer networks. Most importantly, the Business Honors Association consists of a community of high-achieving and multi-talented individuals that support each other in all facets of life. Surrounding yourself with individuals from this community typically results in either professional, personal and certainly profound relationships.

Is participation required?

No. While we hope that members recognize and take advantage of the value that the organization provides its members, it is our hope that members are intrinsically motivated to give back to the organization by taking on leadership and personal mentorship roles. Exemplary members are awarded certificates and awards for participation at the end of each semester.

What makes you different from other clubs?

As a member of the Business Honors Association, you are the most significant differentiator that sets BHA apart from other clubs. Members of the Business Honors Association are comprised of the top 2% of students in the College of Business and Economics. The Business Honors Association allows you to work alongside other high-caliber students to produce innovative and value-maximizing projects which prepare you to dive into your professional career. As tomorrow's leader of the business world, your contributions as an active member build value for yourself and for others that would otherwise be unachievable.

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