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Do you want to pass your knowledge onto bright students? Then you should become a mentor for the Granada High School's DECA program! We want every major to be a part of this wonderful experience!



This program allows members to grow their network and become more involved in the BHA community. Members are paired up as either a mentor or mentee and develop strong relationships that will help guide their academic, professional, and even more their social experience at CSUN. 

Need a workout buddy? Join us to exercise together and release stress. Working together as a community alongside Kinesiology Major Association and Friday Morning Matadors for a healthy lifestyle and making new friends!

See you there!

Every Friday @ 6:30AM on the Oviatt Lawn. 

For all new participants and returners, please PRINT + BRING the 3 waiver forms on FMM's  website. http://www.3winsfitness.com/fmm/

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BHA spotlight

Mentor mentee program  

Emily is an accounting junior. This is her first semester with the BHA and already a Director of Marketing for BHA. 
Why BHA?
" I chose BHA to share my passion for business with like-minded individuals and use its networking opportunities to better advance my knowledge and experience in the business world, both professionally and socially. "
Emily has experience as an event planner, manager, marketer, and photographer within the independent music industry.
Fun Fact
"My fallback major was culinary. Someday I'd like to put my business degree toward expanding the vegan food industry.

fitness friday  

DECA ghchs mentorship

Coming Soon... Spring 2017

Make sure to check back for scholarship opportunities!